Rolex Rediscovers Its Rainbow of Flavors

The watch community did a double-take in September of 2020 when Rolex presented five new dial colors for its brand new Oyster Perpetual models. The series was suddenly ablaze in colorful, nearly flamboyant dials that, upon first glance, seem out of place by Rolex standards. However, a quick look back at the 1970s reveals the bright and colorful world of Rolex Stella dials. Back then, Rolex released Day-Date and Datejust models in a total of eleven different dial colors. The only problem was that customers were expecting more conservative tones, and so the campaign flopped. However, this is 2020, and our multicolored world is connected like never before. Across the planet, a young, often well-to-do segment of millennials are discovering luxury watches. Are these Oyster Perpetuals going to help Rolex get a foot in the door with them?

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