Watch Rapport Buyer Protection

Secure your purchase with Watch Rapport's free Buyer Protection:
Verified dealers, safe payment options, and an Authenticity Guarantee.

Verified Listings & Dealers

Buying watches is a matter of trust. That's why we personally verify every listing or dealer using strict criteria before they are allowed to list watches on Watch Rapport.

Payment via Trusted Checkout

The amount due is paid directly to Watch Rapport, where it is kept safe until you have your dream watch in your hands. Trusted Checkout is free for you as a buyer. All listings offer payment processing via Trusted Checkout.

Insured Shipments

We ship every order fully insured and with a tracking number. You can view the current status of your order anytime in your Watch Rapport account area. We partnered up with Route to provide additional shipping coverage. You can choose to add shipping coverage at checkout for a low fee.


Authenticity Guarantee

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a watch purchased on Watch Rapport, contact us within 30 days of receiving your order. We'll help you find a satisfactory solution immediately. In the unlikely case that one can't be found, you'll be refunded your money. Learn more about our authenticity and service guarantee here.

Personalized Support in Multiple Languages

In the rare case that something doesn't go as planned, you can rely on our world-class customer service team. We'll help you find a satisfactory solution immediately.


Simple Returns

100% Money Back Guarantee - Zero Purchase Liability!


If the watch isn't delivered or deviates from the description, you can receive a full refund. Once you've canceled the order and returned the watch, you will receive your money back. You can start a free return here.


Watch Rapport Auditors and experts will verify the quality and authenticity firstly of your timepiece(s). With multiple years of experience in evaluating these products will check to ensure that all colorings, coatings, markings, parts, jewels, metals, measurements, plating, and fine details are to original manufacture specifications.

Secure Payments

Guaranteed safe and secure checkout. We accept all major credit and debit cards, Amazon Pay, cryptocurrency, bank transfers, check by mail, and invoice payments. We also offer lease and financing options. Contact us today, to learn more. More about Payment options and limitations here.

Our customer love us

We strive to keep a flawless track record. See why our customers love us. It's important to us to build a safe and trusted community for the luxury watch industry. Our fundamentals and core value is trust and safety.

About us

Watch Rapport has been redefining the luxury watch trade and setting new benchmarks. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, our presents and reputation is rapidly expanding worldwide. Highly experienced employees work every day to improve our marketplace and offer world-class customer service to both buyers and sellers of luxury watches.





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Watch Rapport is the world's leading marketplace for luxury watches. Find your next watch among over 300,000 listings, or sell a watch to one of the thousands of watch enthusiasts who visit our site every day.





Leading luxury watch marketplace

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Thousands of watch offers

Millions of total watches in value

Unparalleled customer service

Buy and sell watches worldwide


Attractive listings from sellers in over 90 countries: On Watch Rapport, we guarantee you'll find a watch that completely enthralls you – from classic automatic watches to rarer collector's items. Give us a try!


Every month, thousands of watch enthusiasts search for their dream watch on Watch Rapport. Find the right customer for your timepiece, whether you're a professional watch dealer or private seller.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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What must I do if I want to return an item?

Purchases via Trusted Checkout: To take advantage of your 30-day right of return, please contact our support team via phone (+1 310-735-9688) or start a return here within 30 days of receiving the item. We will document and confirm your wish to return the item and guide you through the next steps.

If you paid the sales price directly to the dealer or private seller, please contact them regarding a return.

Please note that there are no laws regulating the right of return for purchases made from private sellers.

Is advance payment by bank transfer trustworthy?

Yes. The safest way is to pay Watch Rapport directly. It is very important to us that all listings on Watch Rapport are trustworthy. The identity and legitimacy of all sellers on Watch Rapport are extensively reviewed during the registration process. As an alternative to advance payment, you can personally meet the seller in a safe location to pay in cash and receive the watch. Please note that Watch Rapport takes no responsibility for the sale.

Do I have any special guarantee or warranty when buying via Trusted Checkout?

Trusted Checkout warranty conditions are in accordance with the law and or manufacture. An extended warranty is may be provided depending on the item.

Which payment methods are available?

We offer secure payments via Watch Rapport. You can either pay by credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Cryptocurrency, or bank transfer, where it remains safely until you have the watch in your hands. The Watch Rapport team is always available to help ensure your purchase runs smoothly.

Please remember, if you can the seller directly and conduct the transaction off the Watch Rapport platform, we are not responsible for the sale.