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Cancellation Policy

Understanding our order cancellation terms


What are cancellation fees?

As a consumer, you have the right to cancel any order or service at any time or to request a refund if the order was not delivered as promised. However, a cancelation fee will be charged as a wasted cost for early cancelation and will include a 3.5% fee, as the amount spent for order handling and processing, that Watch Rapport will not be able to recover as a result of the cancellation. 

Order Cancellation fees

If you choose to cancel your order before the estimated delivery date, a 3.5% cancellation fee will be applied. 

Why the 3.5% cancelation fee?

Each time we process an order, we pay merchant fees. Each time we have to cancel or refund an order, we pay fees as well. Due to the high cost of fees associated with handling, processing, and fulfilling your order, a 3.5% fee will be applied if you decide to cancel your order prior to the estimated delivery date. 

 If Watch Rapport cancels or cannot fulfill your order, NO cancellation fees will be applied.

Does this cancellation fee apply to pre-orders?

Yes. The cancellation fee applies to pre-orders canceled within 45-days from the original paid order date. 

Do I need to pay a Cancellation fee for returns?

No. We do not charge any cancellation fees for returns. Restocking fees may apply. Please check our return policy.

Overall Terms, Conditions, and Policies

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