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Search for your dream watch on Watch Rapport by using the search bar or the advanced search option. Youll then have the option of setting filters on the search results page.

Search bar
The search bar is the easiest and fastest way to search on Watch Rapport. Search terms are automatically completed and updated as you type.

Search results page
The search results page offers various filter options. You can filter according to brand, model, reference number, or availability, for example. The results can also be sorted by relevance, price, or listing date.

After having searched for a product via the search bar, you can further refine the search results by using the filter of the results list. Filter according to manufacturer, model, condition, or material, for example. Click on more to show additional filter options. You can select multiple values for a filter at the same time. To disable a filter, simply remove the checkmark.

Buying watches

All listings allow you to order the watch directly via Watch Rapport. The Watch Rapport team is always available to help ensure your purchase runs smoothly. To buy a watch via Watch Rapport, click on the black "Buy it now" button on the listing page.

We accept bank wire transfer as our primary form of payment. We do have other payment options such as layaway and flex pay. If you need more information on other payment option, please contact us.

No. Unfortunely at this time we are no longer accepting credit or debit card paymets.

Yes. The safest way is to pay Watch Rapport directly. It is very important to us that all listings on Watch Rapport are trustworthy. The identity and legitimacy of all sellers on Watch Rapport are extensively reviewed during the registration process. As an alternative to advance payment, you can personally meet the seller in a safe location to pay in cash and receive the watch. Please note that Watch Rapport takes no responsibility for the sale.

Yes. We offer a 3% discount on bank wire transfer payments. You can apply the discount code: "WIREPRICE" at checkout.

Unfortunely not. Our business model does not support escrow services at this time. We deal directly with sellers and ensure that our terms and conditions are met to allow the listing to be active on Watch Rapport. This business model allows buyers to deal with one entity rather than sellers individually. Watch Rapport is responsible for all transactions taken place on the platform.

If you have seen the same watch elsewhere being sold for a higher or lower price, this is out of our control. Same or similar inventory listings appear across the internet all the time. Our job is to verify the listing to the best of our ability and make sure the watch being sold actually exists. Items offered on Watch Rapport could be sold by various suppliers, images being used as well. For Ex. If a watch is being listed here at and being listed for sale somewhere else, it does not necessarily mean its the actual seller or the supplier who has the watch on hand, it could be a reseller, broker, an affiliate of the seller, or private seller who used photos he found on the internet etc. All our product listing pages mention the following disclaimer: "Product photo(s) may not reflect the exact watch being sold. While the watch you will receive will be the exact same model, have the same specifications, and in the same condition as described, some photos are stock images or from our network of various suppliers and are subject to change." 

You can claim or remove a listing here.

Watch Rapport is not the direct seller. We act as the "host site" and facilitate safe and secure transactions between buyers and sellers like an intermediary. We use a backend database that is connected to suppliers all over the world to present offers for sale. Once a transaction is completed, the purchase order is then fulfilled by the listing originator or first available supplier whom has the item in stock.

Due to COVID-19, we are not offering local pickup at this time. At some point hopefully in the near future, on select items local pickup will be available again. You would need to book a private appointment by contacting us prior to placing an order.

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments. All orders must be paid via bank wire transfer, credit or debit card if available, check, or cryptocurrency.

We do not charge local sales tax within the United States on any of the items being offered for sale. International taxes, duties, or VAT may be applicable on select watches depending on the shipping destination and other variables. We do have ZERO tax charge options on select orders for international buyers. Please contact us prior to placing an order to see if your order would qualify.


The item is available and being offered by more than one vendor. The current vendor who will fulfill your order has more quantity of that specific item available. The item is being offered by a different vendor for the same price. Several vendors are selling the same exact item. If the item has more than one item available or more than one vendor connected to the listing, the item listed will remain active and continue selling.

Please Note: Vendors also may use pre-made template listings while submitting an item for sale. Pre-suggested choices may use attributes such as the same price, photos, content, descriptions, location etc. Data may be retrieved by other online sources.

You can can cancel or make changes to your order anytime if we have not yet provided you with tracking or transit confirmation. Once your order is in transit, it cannot be canceled. You can cancel your order here

You can start a return within 30 days of your delivery date hereNote: There is a 10% restocking fee for any return that is not due to company error.  

Selling watches privately on Watch Rapport

You can learn more about selling privately or becoming a Watch Rapport commercial dealer here.

Shipping & Delivery

We have limited control of the shipping and delivery time. Some orders may ship sooner and some may experience delays depending on several variables including watch location, authenticity process, seller, etc. You can read more about shipping and delivery here: In some of our cases today, COVID-19 plays an additional role In processing and delivery delays. Our usual delivery time can take anywhere from 3-10 business days unless expidited delivery is available.

Product Listings

If your item is being listed for sale on our website, it means someone submitted the data using our form to list the item for sale. We use tools to verify that the watch really exists. If the item submitted passes our verification process, our system automatically makes it active and live for sale. If you want to claim or remove a listing, please complete this form here.

Thousands of Watch listings are updated daily from suppliers all over the world. Same or similar inventory listings (including photos) appear across the internet all the time. Our job is to verify the listing to the best of our ability and make sure the watch being sold actually exists. Items offered on Watch Rapport could be sold by various suppliers, images being used as well. If an item is being listed here at,  it could be a reseller, broker, an affiliate of the seller, or a private seller that used photos he found on the internet etc. If you want to claim or remove a listing, please complete this form here

You can claim or remove a listing by completing this form here.

Yes. All prices are subject to change anytime without notice. Prices are set by the suppliers or fair market value. 

Product Authenticity

Our mission is to only sell 100% original and authentic products. However, until we inspect and authenticate each element of the item being sold prior to shipping including condition, authenticity, paperwork, etc., we do NOT make any guarantees or claims on any products being listed for sale. You can learn more about our Authenticity & Service Guarantee here.


FlexPay is a payment method which can be used to pay a deposit rather than paying for the full order balance upfront. Using FlexPay you only pay 50% upfront of your transaction total and the balance before your order is ready to ship. Using FlexPay, will bill a 5% additional convenience fee to your transaction total. 

Yes. However, if you cancel your  order while processing, you will be billed the 5% convenience fee. The fee will be deducted from your order deposit when refunded. If Watch Rapport cancels your order, or if the order cannot be fulfilled, you will NOT be billed the 5% convienence fee.

Yes. We charge an additional 5% convenience fee to your order total for using FlexPay.

About Watch Rapport

We are located in Los Angeles, California. 2029 Century Park East. Los Angeles, CA 90067

United States of America

Watch Rapport is a fairly new marketplace. Not all reviews immediately surface online. You can read real customer reviews on our listing page at Trust Pilot.

Occasionally on select items we may facilitate private transactions in person with the item on hand by appointment only. Mainly our business is conducted online. Mostly all of our inventory is sourced and shipped directly from reputable suppliers worldwide.

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