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Alert: Pardon our ability to accept credit cards at this time. As a courtesy, all bank wire order payments will receive a 13% discount. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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We accept all major Credit & Debit Cards, Bank Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrency via Coinbase, and Affirm.

Yes. We accept all major credit and debit cards worldwide.

Yes. The safest way is to pay Watch Rapport directly. It is very important to us that all listings on Watch Rapport are trustworthy. The identity and legitimacy of all sellers on Watch Rapport are extensively reviewed during the registration process.

Unfortunately not. Our business model does not support escrow services at this time. We deal directly with sellers and ensure that our terms and conditions are met to allow the listing to be active on Watch Rapport. This business model allows buyers to deal with one entity rather than sellers individually. Watch Rapport is responsible for all transactions taken place on the platform.

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments. All orders must be paid via credit or debit card, or bank wire transfer.

When a dispute, claim, or chargeback is open, the funds will be held and will not be available for immediate refund. The funds cannot be refunded and will be considered "disputed" until the dispute, claim, or chargeback is resolved. This ensures that the funds are available if a refund is needed.

Buy A Watch

Search for your dream watch on Watch Rapport by using the search bar or the advanced search option. You’ll then have the option of setting filters on the search results page. Search bar The search bar is the easiest and fastest way to search on Watch Rapport. Search terms are automatically completed and updated as you type. Search results page The search results page offers various filter options. You can filter according to brand, model, reference number, or availability, for example. The results can also be sorted by relevance, price, or listing date. 

After having searched for a product via the search bar, you can further refine the search results by using the filter of the results list. Filter according to manufacturer, model, condition, or material, for example. Click on more to show additional filter options. You can select multiple values for a filter at the same time. To disable a filter, simply remove the checkmark. 

All listings allow you to order the watch directly via Watch Rapport. The Watch Rapport team is always available to help ensure your purchase runs smoothly. To buy a watch via Watch Rapport, click on the "Add to Cart” button on the listing page and continue checking out. 

Due to COVID-19, we are not offering local pickup at this time. 

We charge the applicable sales tax within the United States. Taxes are calculated at checkout.

When ordering from, you're responsible for assuring the product can be lawfully imported to the destination.

Recipients of international shipments may be subject to import taxes, fees, and customs duties (hereafter, "Import Fees"), levied by the customs office of your shipping destination. Import Fees vary according to the customs regulations of the destination country. Components that play a role in Import Fee calculations are (among others):

  • Product category and price
  • Shipping costs and package weight
  • Customs clearance channel
  • Import taxes based on custom duty amounts

Recipients of international shipments may be subject to import taxes, fees, and customs duties (hereafter, "Import Fees"), levied by the customs office of your shipping destination. 

Customs policies vary widely, and some countries don't charge Import Fees for shipments that fall below a minimum value. Contact the customs office of the destination country for more information.

Import Regulations

The recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the destination country. Customs delays can affect original delivery estimates.

Customs offices in some countries or regions require the importer of record to provide a form of identification before releasing a shipment, such as a Passport, Tax ID, etc.


If you have seen the same watch elsewhere being sold for a higher or lower price, this is beyond our control. Same or similar inventory listings appear across the internet all the time. We verify the listing to the best of our ability and make sure the watch being sold actually exists. Items offered on Watch Rapport could be sold by various suppliers inside or outside the Watch Rapport network, images being used as well. For Ex. If a watch is being listed here at and being listed for sale somewhere else, it does not necessarily mean its the actual seller or the supplier who has the watch on hand, it could be a reseller, broker, dealer, an affiliate of the seller, or private seller who used photos he found on the internet etc. You can always double check with us for more information regarding a listing prior to placing an order. All our product listing pages mention the following disclaimer:

"Product photo(s) may not reflect the exact watch being sold. While the watch you will receive will be the exact same model, have the same specifications, and in the same condition as described, some photos are stock images or from our network of various suppliers and are subject to change."  You can claim or remove a listing by contacting us. Requests are usually processed within 24-hours.

If your item is being listed for sale on our website, it means someone submitted the data using our form to list the item for sale. We use tools to verify that the watch really exists. If the item submitted passes our verification process, our system automatically makes it active and live for sale. If you want to claim or remove a listing, please complete this form here.

Thousands of Watch listings are updated daily from suppliers all over the world. Same or similar inventory listings (including photos) appear across the internet all the time. Our job is to verify the listing to the best of our ability and make sure the watch being sold actually exists. Items offered on Watch Rapport could be sold by various suppliers, images being used as well. If an item is being listed here at,  it could be a reseller, broker, an affiliate of the seller, or a private seller that used photos he found on the internet etc. If you want to claim or remove a listing, please complete this form here

1. The item is available and being offered by more than one vendor.

2. The current vendor who will fulfill your order has more quantity of that specific item available.

3. The item is being offered by a different vendor for the same price.

4. Several vendors are selling the same exact item.

5. If the item is still being offered for sale, additional vendors are connected to the listing, the item listed will remain active and continue selling.

You can claim or remove a listing by completing this form here.

All prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.

Our mission is to only sell 100% original and authentic products. However, until we inspect and authenticate each element of the item upon receipt from the vendor prior to shipping. We will inspect the condition, authenticity, paperwork, etc. We do not make any guarantees or claims on any products being listed or offered for sale until the inspection process has been completed successfully. You can learn more about our Authenticity & Service Guarantee here.


We offer a 30-day hassle free return policy. You can also purchase additional return time if needed during the checkout process. You can learn more here.

Depends. If the item condition states used,  pre-owned, or "unworn", we evaluate the item's condition during our inspection process with several factors and determine if the item is in sellable condition or not. If the item is considered used, its mainly referring to the amount of wear and tear, scratches, scuffs, etc. These matters are usually handled on case by case basis. Not to worry! We are here to work with you if you receive an item that is not as described.  

If we cannot fulfill your order, we will either cancel your order and provide a full immediate refund, or in some cases provide a refund and leave the transaction open until we can find a replacement. You can choose to cancel the order anytime for a full refund if we have not already received the item from the seller. Your transaction is backed by our money-back-guarantee. 

Cancellations and refunds are usually processed within 3-5 business days. Depending on your financial institution and whether the refund will be initiated domestically or internationally, it may take up to 15 business days (Not including weekends or bank holidays) to credit to your account or appear on your statement.

Please Note: Refunds are usually returned back to the original payment method.

Cryptocurrency Refunds - All refunds will be initiated and electronically transmitted from the Coinbase network. Refunds are only processed for the exact cryptocurrency amount received at the time of placing the order and completing the transaction. Any claims against exchange rates, interest, accumulated interest, currency value exchange, increased/decreased currency value, and country exchange rates will not be applied.  


Holds, restrictions, or suspensions are usually placed on accounts for one of the following reasons:

- Violation of our terms of use

- Suspicious fraud activity

- Account information verification

- Order verification

- Payment verification

- Identity verification

- KYC verification

- OFAC hit match


It's easy to create a FREE watch listing on Watch Rapport here.

Sellers can list their watch for FREE on Watch Rapport.

Once your watch or item is sold, we charge a low flat service fee of 3%. No other hidden fees or charges guaranteed!

We'll deduct our service fee, and send you the remaining balance payment.

All good, no hard feelings! We’ll send the item back to you, express delivery, insured, and at no extra charge.

No! We cover all the fees associated to

We cover all the fees associated to shipping, delivery, and insurance.

Unfortunately, not. Before our customers receive an item, it must be inspected and authenticated to make sure it's original and authentic.

Unfortunately, not. We use to make sure we provide a safe, and secure transaction process for all parties involved. Also, we want to avoid any risks to all the members of our community.

Unfortunately, not. We must use our highly vetted independent authenticators as they are covered within our insurance policy network in case any issues come up.

Yes. You don’t need to wait for the customer's approval. Once the inspection and authentication process has been successfully completed on our end, your funds are released immediately. 

No. We handle the entire process for you from start to finish. After step 8 is completed successfully, you all set and done! 

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