Codify Infotech
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Identity Verification

Together we can fight fraud.

Biometrics identity verification

We take a new approach to identity—combining a person’s ID with your physical biometrics.

Protection against stolen IDs and impersonation.

Biometrics adds a layer of protection against stolen IDs and impersonation attacks.

Zero friction verification. Real Id Selfie

We perform liveness checks to verify that the selfie is a live photo, and compares it to the photo in your ID.


Completing ID verification is simple, secure, safe, and instant.

All you have to do is open the ID verification link with your phone, scan your document and you're done!

How to verify your ID with Real ID

Read on for learning the steps in detail.
All you need is an ID and your face. Get started on any device.
You'll receive a unique link that contains your ID verification portal. Opening the link establishes a secure connection between your device and Real ID to begin verification.  
Document verification 
We scan the user’s photo ID and detect whether it’s genuine or fraudulent, down to a single pixel. We cover over 2,500 document types from 195 countries.
Biometric analysis 
The user takes a selfie or a short video. Our technology checks their facial biometrics match those on the photo ID, and that the person presenting it is live and the genuine owner.  
Experts in fraud and AI 
Our hybrid model uses a combination of AI and human experts. That’s how we deliver the speed and consistency of automation, plus the accuracy and expertise of a human team.
Biometric Customer Authentication 
When we are camping in a group or with a family, the most desirable thing we need is our privacy. In a tent, you can get privacy from your kids so that they don’t disturb you when you are relaxing or listening to music.


Why am I being asked to verify my ID?

This is an automatic anti-fraud system with privacy protection. This extra procedure is only a standard KYC security measure to verify your identity, and prevent fraud. We are required by our financial institutions, state, and federal regulatory agencies to comply with KYC procedures and to verify your identity to prevent money laundering. Your information will be kept safe, secure, and private. Also, your order may be deemed high risk, and we need an ID verification before we can fulfill the order.

Is this secure?

Real ID takes your privacy protection seriously. That's why we've encrypted the entire flow from end to end. It starts with securing the connection between your device and Real ID and then encrypts and locks the submission in our private cloud. This keeps your ID secure even when on a public network like a coffee house WiFi. Only you and Watch Rapport will have access to your ID photos submission.

How do I submit an ID deletion request?

To submit a data deletion request, please contact us.


We've got you covered.