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When it comes to safety, we understand how it important this subject is to our customers, especially when buying a high valued item online. Rest assured, our safety and security team is working around the clock to make sure all transactions run smoothly.

Our trusted checkout process gives you the peace of mind when you're ready to make a purchase. In the rare case you incur an issue with your order, contact us and we'll make sure to resolve the matter immediately.



Gaining trust in the trade world can often be an obstacle, especially online. Watch Rapport is built on the fundamentals and core value of trust and safety. We implemented our free buyer protection program which protects both parties during a transaction.

Additionally, we have taken a more hands on approach of handling transactions all internally between buyer and seller. This assures less risk and liability, giving our customers a more comfortable way to shop.



Security is our top priority amongst trust and safety. Our highly trained experts are consistently monitoring for any suspicious, activity that can occur during your transaction. Battling online crimes, especially when it comes to e-commerce is difficult.

We strive to go above and beyond to protect our users and community. We use special tools to verify payments, and other elements of the transaction. This helps us provide a safe and trusted checkout process.


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Once you click the "YES, I WANT A DISCOUNT" button above, your code will populate internally and will appear at checkout. This discount code is only applicable to bank wire transfer or money transfer payment options. If you choose any other payment option during checkout, your discount code will be deemed as invalid and your order will not be processed. If the discount code applies to any other payment option, your order will be canceled and refunded.



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How does Coinbase payments work?

During checkout, you will reach the payments page before confirming your order. If you want to pay for your order via cryptocurrency, you can choose the Coinbase option as your payment method. You will then be redirected to complete your transaction safely and securely. We accept all major cryptocurrencies through the Coinbase platform. Orders will remain active and reserved for 24 hours before being canceled. Once we receive your payment, your order will be processed immediately. To learn more about Coinbase, please click here.

How does Western Union & MoneyGram work?