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Leading marketplace for luxury watches

Watch Rapport specializes in luxury watches and presents watches in a professional environment. You'll achieve the best prices here.

Millions of potential buyers every month

Your listing is visible to potential buyers in over 90 countries. This means 9 out of every 10 watches quickly attracts the attention of a serious buyer.

Safe and secure payment processing

We take care of the entire transaction. You will always receive your money directly into your account and in your own currency.

Secure Payment Processing

A secure marketplace for luxury watches requires a secure sales process.
As the world's leading marketplace for luxury watches, we've designed and optimized our services and processes for this specific industry.



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How can I create a listing for a watch?

Create a free listing for your watch in just a few simple steps here:

  1. Describe your watch in detail. The more detailed the description, the easier it is for potential buyers to find your listing.
  2. Add up to 20 images of the watch taken from different angles. Keep your camera handy; you'll be asked to take live photos of the watch and upload them as proof of ownership. These photos are displayed in your listing.
  3. Register for a Free account with Watch Rapport.

How much does it cost to sell on Watch Rapport?

Creating a listing on Watch Rapport is free. Once you've sold your watch, we charge a commission fee. The commission fee is only due after you have sold your watch. We retain the commission fee directly during payout of the sales price.

When is the commission fee due?

The commission fee is only due after you have sold your watch. If the buyer has made a direct payment, we will send you an invoice for the commission fee. Please pay the amount due within 7 days.

What is a reference number?

The reference number indicates the model and/or model variant of your watch and can be composed of several different letters and numbers. With certain manufacturers, you can find the reference number on the case back (not to be confused with the case number), between the lugs and sometimes even engraved on the dial. You should always be able to find the reference number in the documents relating to your watch or in the invoice. If you cannot find the reference number, look online for the name of the manufacturer on the dial and compare the image results with your watch. This quick bit of research should help you in most cases.